Bridge Power Stage 1A

145 MW Rapid Deployment Simple Cycle


Located in Tema, Ghana

Endeavor Energy is the majority owner and lead developer of the Bridge Power Project, located near Accra, Ghana and will run on LPG as well as natural gas. Endeavor is also the owner of the companies that is providing construction management services, O&M services, and commercial management services to the project.

The Project will be built in two stages. Stage 1, consisting of five General Electric trailer-mounted LM2500 turbines, a steam turbine and LPG import/storage infrastructure, is under construction and is expected to commence commercial operations in open cycle (Stage 1A) in Q4 2020 and operations in combined cycle (Stage 1B) is expected in mid-2021. Stage 1A can produce 145 MW of output, which will increase to 202 MW when full commercial operations of Stage 1 is achieved. Stage 2 of the Project is expected to commence construction in 2022 in order to begin operations in late 2024.

Bridge Power is located in Tema, near the fast-growing urban center of Accra and is additionally situated in a large industrial area with significant and growing energy demands; as such, the project will be a critical key to Ghana meeting its growing demand for power.

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The Project is the largest LPG-fired power plant to be constructed in sub-saharan Africa, although the Project will switch to run on indigenous natural gas once natural gas is commercially available in Tema and the Project can connect to the country’s gas transportation infrastructure. The Bridge Power Project will sell electricity produced to the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) under a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement, which may be extended at either the Project’s or ECG’s option for an additional 5 years. In addition, the Project is the only Independent Power Producer in Ghana that has a Put/Call Option Agreement with the Government of Ghana that guarantees the obligations of ECG in the case of a termination of the Project’s PPA.

Bridge Power was developed and constructed with the support of the U.S. Power Africa initiative; particularly when both stages 1 and 2 are complete, the project will have added significant generation capacity (over 400 MW) on the continent.

The Bridge Power Project, through its project company Early Power Ltd., has continuously worked to maintain good relations with its local community stakeholders. Waste receptacles were donated, for example, to the Kapone Katamanso Municipal Assembly to improve local service provision, and during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, Endeavor Energy’s Ghana program made a donation of 500,000 GHS to local community organizations as well as specific donations to local organizations in Tema.

Bridge Power Plant won industry awards in various categories in 2019, from both Project Finance International as well as from the Partnerships Awards.

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