Leader in African Power Development
Endeavor is considered a Best-In-Class IPP company operating across the continent.
World Class Operator
Endeavor’s team has deep experience in the operation and management of power generation facilities employing various technologies.
Expertise in Construction Management
Endeavor’s construction team has an unmatched level of experience in the realization of complex infrastructure projects.

Relentless Drive. Recognized Success.

Endeavor Energy is a leading independent power company focused on developing, acquiring, financing, constructing, owning, and operating power generation projects in Africa. We have extensive experience developing integrated fuel-to-power and hybrid power projects in Africa, including LNG-to-power projects, and are currently constructing what will be one of the largest LPG-to-power projects in the world.

$ 0 Billion
Over $1.6 billion of investment catalyzed
Nearly 0 MW
Close to 700 MW added to national power grids

Our Assets

Endeavor Energy has nearly 700MW across three power projects (when fully complete) in or nearing operations. Additionally, Endeavor Energy is currently involved in developing, financing, and/or acquiring over $10 billion and 4,500 MW of power projects across Africa. These include hydroelectric projects, wind, solar farms, open and combined cycle gas turbine plants, and waste-to-energy power stations, as well as related fuel import infrastructure.

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LNG / Liquid Fuels

Our Values

Endeavor defines its success by the success of its customers and stakeholders differently, with a deep commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of our employees, as well as our neighbors and other stakeholders in our businesses. We strive to be good corporate citizens, actively engaging with the communities in which we operate. Finally, Endeavor upholds the highest standards of business ethics in all of our operations, and as a developer of major infrastructure projects we take our environmental responsibility seriously.

Our People

Endeavor believes that its diverse team gives it a competitive advantage. Endeavor has assembled a diverse team with most of its team members located on the continent. With a diverse team of hundreds of people across various power plant sites and corporate offices, Endeavor has assembled a team with the expertise to succeed in Africa.

Our Investors

Endeavor engages with trusted financial partners to secure the capital required to complete our large-scale infrastructure projects. We work with a variety of financial institutions, including equity investors and providers of debt, among others.

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