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Tè Power Project

Endeavor owns a 96% interest in the Tè Power Project, a 50 MW greenfield thermal power plant under construction in Conakry, Guinea. The Tè Project will be the first internationally DFI project-financed IPP in Guinea and meets the most stringent local and international (World Bank/IFC) environmental requirements. Endeavor is responsible for commercial management of the power project as well as providing construction management and oversight of the EPC contractor.

The Tè Project is designed to deliver reliable, low-cost baseload electric power to Guinea and to be complimentary to Guinea’s hydroelectric power generation and other renewable power resources.

The Tè Project will have a highly developmental impact, providing reliable power, creating jobs and providing indirect economic and social benefits.  The plant’s construction is expected to take 15 months, coming online in mid-2019, and create up to 150 jobs (majority Guineans). Further, up to 40 people will be employed during operations.

By using a well-known, proven and highly efficient technology (reciprocating engines) to guarantee reliable and affordable supply, as well as constructing a new 300-meter transmission line to connect the plant to the grid, the Tè Project will ensure a continuous flow of electricity to downstream users. Once constructed, the plant will improve electricity access for over 1,000,000 Guineans.

The $121 million investment required for the Tè Project comprises $32 million in equity from Endeavor and $89 million in debt financing from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and CDC Group PLC.

The Tè Project is another achievement for the U.S. Power Africa program. As Power Africa partners, OPIC, Endeavor, and Denham Capital seek to make a difference with their projects throughout the continent by working with national governments and local stakeholders to build the capacity necessary to help meet critical demands for new electricity supplies.

The Tè Power Project is expected to be the first of several power solutions developed by Endeavor in partnership with the Government of Guinea.

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