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Bridge Power Fast-deployment Project

Endeavor Energy is leading the development and owns 60% of Bridge Power – making Endeavor Energy the largest shareholder. We will be responsible for operations and maintenance and commercial management of the power project as well as providing construction management and oversight of the EPC contractor.

Bridge Power is a first of its kind in Africa, fast-deployment dual-fueled LPG and natural gas power project located in Tema 16 miles east of Accra, Ghana that will consist of approximately 424 MW of combined cycle power generation technology. Bridge Power’s first Stage will be fully financed by its sponsors and is expected to deliver first power in late 2017.

Bridge Power will be built in two stages:

  • Stage 1: 202 MW power block consisting of 5 GE TM2500+ gas turbines and 1 purpose-built GE steam turbine in CCGT configuration
    • Stage 2: 222 MW power block consisting of 4 GE LM6000 gas turbines and 1 purpose-built GE steam turbine in CCGT configuration

The project will initially be fueled by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) but can switch to natural gas once available. To support the usage of LPG, the Project will also develop LPG import, transport, and storage infrastructure which will have a positive long lasting impact on Ghana with the ability to use the LPG infrastructure for other markets in Ghana.

Bridge Power is in an advanced stage of development having completed negotiations and received Parliamentary Approval of its PPA and PCOA, received PURC approval of its power tariff, secured its site, obtained an a locally approved Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (international approval pending), has secured fuel supply from an internationally recognized fuel supplier in conjunction with Sage Petroleum, a Ghanaian petroleum products company, and has entered into an EPC contract with Metka, a globally reputable firm.

Bridge Power is a transformational power project for Ghana, as it will rapidly add much needed generation capacity similarly to the pace of emergency power project but is low cost to Ghana similar to baseload pow generation. Additionally, Bridge Power will diversify Ghana’s current fuel mix through secure, lower-cost LPG supply. In addition, Bridge Power is structured such that the LPG infrastructure can be used to fuel other markets in Ghana.

The gas turbines for Stage 1 have arrived in country and Bridge Power is expected to reach financial close in June of 2017.

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