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Our Strategy

Growing Demand, Growing Opportunity

With day-, week,- and month-long load-shedding costing Africa 2.1% of GDP per year on average and approximately 600 million Africans off the grid, the need for reliable, cost-effective power in Africa continues to grow. This need is underscored not only by a growing population seeking access to power, but also by hospitals, manufacturers, and businesses that rely on power to contribute to the health and financial well-being of Africans.


Endeavor Energy’s Differentiated Solutions

Endeavor Energy is committed to working with African countries to help bring Africa a modern economy, one built on access to clean, reliable, and cost-effective power solutions.

lpic-gas Gas-to-Power Currently, many parts of Africa struggle to access cost-effective, clean power sources, and instead rely on costly light crude and diesel generation. Our Gas-to-Power projects, in concert with global Fortune 500 companies, are bringing integrated solutions fueled by cleaner natural gas to power Africa’s growth.
lpic-hydro Hydroelectric Power Fueled by water, hydropower is a cleaner fuel source and provides for greater operational flexibility and efficient storage. Africa has the technical potential to produce ~1,800 TWh of hydroelectric power per year but has harnessed less than 10% of that. Our development and operational experience in hydropower are helping tap into this long-lasting, environmentally friendly power solution.
lpic-power Fast-deployed Power Stations Fast-deployed power stations are the essential building block for establishing a reliable power grid in African countries. Building on its success, Endeavor Energy is seeking partnerships with local governments and equipment manufacturers to create cost efficiencies and accelerate the time to market.
lpic-coal Coal-to-Power In particular regions, when the alternative is diesel, coal is continuing to play a role in the African generation story. Our experience in thermal power provides a framework for these large base load power solutions.