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KivuWatt Power Project, Rwanda

photo-cs3Members of Endeavor’s senior management team played key roles in the development and financing of the methane-fired power station and extraction facilities in 2008.

Naturally occurring methane was discovered in Lake Kivu’s deep waters in 1936, as researchers were attempting to understand why it was home to so few fish.

The lake is located at an altitude of 1462m, is 485m deep and has a surface area of 2400km2. In 1976, studies determined it contained approximately 250-300 km3 of dissolved carbon dioxide and 55-60 km3 of methane gas – both were trapped at significant depth and continued to increase on a daily basis.


The approximately $350 million, 100MW KivuWatt Integrated floating methane extraction facility and Power Station (25MW phase I and 75MW phase II) was independently developed, financed and is under construction in Rwanda.

The KivuWatt Power Station is located near Lake Kivu, Rwanda which is located on the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Rwanda, and is expected to comprise of 20-cylinder Wärtsilä 34SG gas-powered engines.

This project is a win-win situation by reducing gas levels in Lake Kivu in order to lessen the risks of a spontaneous gas eruption in the future that could have hazardous consequences and providing Rwanda with much needed additional power generation capacity.